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Zionism, Palestine, Israel & Middle East

For the comedic pundits, TV personalities and jokes about the Middle East, Palestine-Israel, Iraq, Lebanon, afghanistan, etc are as follow:
Pundits view of the Middle East: Comical edition
1. Security first for Israel, U.S., and West, war and destruction for people of the Middle East, Africa & Asia with vitual resources.
2. Israel first it matters Palestinians do not, fight terrorism over there ignore the destruction of Mesopatamia, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iraqis resisting U.S. occupation are "fundamentalists and terrorists."
3. Zionism is understandable & its history similiar to Europe/U.S. particularly the rise of nationalism, but most importantly it is a secular movement
4. God is a real estate agent for Israel, the Bible has become the land deed for the Israelis (including illegal settlers in occupied Palestinian territories) & His word is above International Law, Palestinians & authors on Middle East conflict and war
5. Islamism is crazy, uber religious, fanatical, irrational & appeared from the desert out of nowhere. It has no history, leaders or reasons for its birth and growth. Only Zionism merits understanding.

Beyond laughter: Real geopolitics and reality

Many American & pro-Israeli organizations and people such as AIPAC & famous neo-conservatives Alan Deroshowitz & Daniel Pipes among them, belief aggressive U.S. Foreign Policy is necessary for Western Security & Iraqi Democracy at all costs. They often ignore Israeli peacemakers and activists, offering literal interpretation of revalation to explain Palestine-Israel, via Pat Robertson & John Hagee, two renown conservative pastors whose sermons have been broadcast on American TV for over 40 years. Robertson's 700 club has been on air since 1966. With mainstream media not attempting to challenge the rightwing pundits, neoconservative authors, religous figures and authors, misinformation about the Arab World beginning in earliest days of colonialism (Read Edward Said's Orientalism, A Peace to End all Peace), Zionism, colonialism's consequences limited historical background & textbook & religous explanations of what has happened and continues to happened in Israel & Palestine has allowed ordinary Americans, Israelis & Europeans to support right wing Zionists, aid illegal Israeli settlements built in occupied East Jerusalem & West Bank, shun human rights for Palestinians & Iraqis or help Congress, Parliament & numerous corporations/businesses to sustain Israel's 41 year occupation of 22% of remaining historical Palestine, Lebanon's Sheba Farms & Syria's Golan Heights and United States continual 6 year occupation of Iraq.

Zionism that we spoke of today concerning Israel, Israelis and Jewish life since establishment of Israel in 1948 on top of Palestine is Political Zionism & its movement then and now. Another form of Zionism not known to most people is cultural Zionism founded by Martin Buber. Cultural Zionism opposed creating a Jewish State in Historical Palestine, acknowledged Palestine as a homeland of Palestinians while also noting the Palestinians were indigenous people to land and promoted a binational state in a wider Arab federation of Middle East. Among the prominent followers of cultural Zionism was Ben Elizer Yehuda who helped to revive the Hebrew language as a modern and national language. Unfortunately for Palestinians, Jews & Arab World and larger world Cultural Zionism did not have the same large following as Political Zionism by the time of Balfour Declaration. Cultural Zionism

Cultural Zionism & Ahad HaAm (One of the People)

From Balfour to Obama: Colonial Thinking on Palestine

Ir Amim For an equitable and stable Jerusalem with an agreed political future

Architects for Planners and Justice in Palestine

Palms of Peace

Palestinians organizing in the Disapora pt 1

Roundtable on Palestinian Organization and Representation

Violence, Nonviolence, and the Palestinian National Movement

Zionism & Palestine

Pic 1

A colonizing Project built on lies. Author M Shahid challenges the Zionist mythology of Palestine as "a land without a people fit for a people without a land," examining European nationalism & racism in Jewish life as centuries of anti-semetism spilled over into violent and horrifying pogroms toward Europe's largest Jewish community in Eastern Europe. Until 1933 with the rise & violence of Nazism and Fascism, 60% of World's Jews lived in Europe, (remaining 40% lived in Africa, Asia & Americas) were Europeans, followed Ashkenazi Judaism, spoke Yiddish, Polish and other languages of their home countries (Hebrew was considered a dead language before Ben Yudah Elizer encouraged its revival in early 1900s and was soley used to read Talmud, Torah and in religious ceremonies) & only had few families in Palestine. Most Jews at the time were not Zionists nor readily embraced Zionism when it first emerged in late 1890s.

A Colonizing Project Built on Lies.

60th anniversary of Palestinian Nakba
Al Nakba, Arabic for Catastophe was followed in the immediate aftermath of Israeli independence in 1948 in which Israel came into existence as a country built on top of Palestine after Zionist movements and its most prominent leaders among them Menachim Begin & Ben Gurion (later inspiring the likes of Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon) declared independence for Israel on May 14, 1948. It is now widely written, reported & documented the Haganah, notorious terrorists groups Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Gang used terrorism not only to pressure the British authorities ruling Palestine to support political zionismīs quest for a Jewish state of Israel on top of Palestine but also forceably expelled & ethnically cleansed 750,000 Palestinians from their ancient homeland, cities, villages, towns, culture, roots, history and connection to the land. Proceeding Israeli governments, politicians & society have refused & denied the Palestinian refugees, descendants & generations of Palestinians abroad & in refugee camps to return to them homes and be compensated despite the UN ruling 144 which guarantees that the refugees have every right and all the full rights to return to their dispossed homeland. Until 1948, the British had ruled over Brtish manadate of Palestine from 1922 when the modern countries of Lebanon, transjordan today Jordan, Iraq, etc were created artifically as nation states in former Ottoman Empire ruled Middle East as a consequence of World War I and Treaty of Versailles. Ottoman Empire had already fallen apart long before 1922 and became a republic in 1923 under the Turkish nationalist Kemal Mustafa Ataturk who modernized Turkey into a western leaning, European influenced country from its original Middle East leaning, Islamic influenced Empire.
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Reel Bad Arabs: A telling documentary that exposes the history of stereotypes of Arab people and vilification of the Arab World and culture from colonialism to today in popular culture, Hollywood and mainstream media. It examines the role of how foreign policy and current events also play around in creating the "Arab oriental others." Produced and narrated by the renown Media critic and Professor Jack Shaheen. This segment of the documentary looks at reality of Palestinians living under occupation while examining & challenging the stereotype of "all Palestinians are terrorists."

A list of all the UN Resolutions and violations of International Law carried out by Israel since 1967 in occupied Palestinian territories.