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Normalizing West & Rest

Given the recent economic change to free market over the past 20 years around the world, Milton Freedman logical of running a Capitalist, globally interconnected economy & the rapid spread of globalizing Western culture (once through European colonialism & now American influence ie corporations such as Ford, New York Company & Coca Cola) wonder ones has racismo really ended? Can we now finally with a new American president Barack Obama as the first African American president in U.S. history & the creation of a multipolar world via rise of China, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, etc. can we all rest easier? Can we forgive Eurocentrism for making European culture the status quo for most of the world even today? Can Globalization answer: why is the non western world stereotyped, our concerns ignored and voices muted in the media? Whose voices do we hear most on the radio? Why is Europe always humanized, "normal" and ordinary compared to Asia, Africa, Americas? Why is the non western world still considered complex, "exotic" and controversial newswise? What is the history of normalizing Europe and Anglo-America and what are the consequence in a globalized world as ours? And has the U.S. become a post racial society as President, his supporters and the "forget about the past injustices" media pundits, conservative historians and right wing talk show hosts say? Pitcher looks at all of the above below.

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Slate Magazine challenges the old American Expectionalist belief that only in America can ethnic and cultural diversity thrive and go beyond racism. 2008 election editorial.

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American Exceptionalism

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Diversity & Healthcare in U.S. & Europe

Diversity as an Asset

Health & Education in U.S.

Funds cut for Black higher Education

Obama's Healthcare Charade?

Obama goes backward on Healthcare

Media Blackout single payer healthcare

Cuultural Diversity and globalization

Genetic Non Discrimination Act

US funds study on the state of Mental Health in the Global South (or how I read colonialism and epistemic justice)

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Black Agenda Report's Coverage of Henry Louis Gates Jr. Arrest & beer apology at White house

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History of Afro-Argentines & Argentina



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Uruguay: Un pais blanco y europea con gente indigena y africanos, hay racismo

En Castellano or Espanol

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Geert Wilders is one of us says Indies (Indonesian) Community

Sinterklaas, the Zwarte Pieten and their Workcycles Transport Bikes

A Very racist Christmas? The Dutch still portray Zwarte Piet -- Santa's helper -- in blackface. Some want them to stop.

Quincy Giro on Zwarte Piet

Geopolitics, Foreign Policy, colonialism & racism

Eurocentrism & race in Hollywood Films

Colonial Mentality

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Obama insults Muslims

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Europe and Racism

Germany denies French claims over camps

Dutch MP suggest Roma expulsions from the Netherlands

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