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U.S. Foreign Policy, Realpolitik & War against the Third World

Politics without humor

While political satire is an excellent way to gear the general populace toward political issues, comical satire can become tiring at best. Jon Stewart with his satrical take on world events or Steven Colbert's reference to pop culture is comical yet that too can wear down the nerves of serious minds who wish to study politics and its theories without the loud guffaws of the audience in the background. While the Comedy Channel's top kings of the political world, Jon Stewart and Steve Colbert do an excellent job at show casing, what the general populace see as the ridiculousness of politics, more serious minds have taken to explain politics and how it relates to world events in a more straightforward and non-satricial way. Many of these serious minds happen to be free-lance journalists such as Robert Fisk, John Pilger Kevin Sites and many other journalists who are rarely or never mentioned in mainstream media. They are not the Steven Colberts or Bill Mohers of their trade. Yet, they remain marginalized by the more acceptable satircal take on politics. There seems to be no room for the non-satirical observations of politics or world events. Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart reign as royals and in some cases experts over the explanation of political situations in the world.
PITCHER is currently featuring documentaries by independent filmmakers and around the world. Most of the documentaries shown here will most likely not be shown in the U.S. or on any local TV station anytime soon. To the mainstream media, many of these documentaries are considered to be the workings of the left, old socialist/communist complainers from a bygone era. Even for renowned broadcasting channels such as PBS or Discovery, many documenteries challenging textbook history of U.S. Foreign Policy are seen as either too controversial or too judgemental and far removed from what is reported daily as the status quo. To the unsatisfied or annoyed viewer, they are boring and demand less attention for not being satirical. But one should keep in mind and consider the fact that these documentaries are not made by Democrats, Michael Moore copycats, Al Gore or diehard anti-war protestors. None of the popularized characters of the left will be seen in any of these documentaries. These documentaries were made by well respected journalists who are known for their in-depth, well researched and historically supported free lance journalism. A type of journalism that refuses to remain or be "embedded" with both the mainstream media, following the status quo of the Administration and the military industrial complex as late President Eisenhower once said. (please watch Why We Fight and the Fog of War to understand the "military industrial complex" better

Culture Knowledge: Violence and Imperialism

Cultural Zionism

Cultural Zionism & Ahad HaAm (One of the People)

Machiavelian U.S. Foreign Policy

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Argentinean filmmaker Rodrigo Vasquez investigates Operation Condor, a top-secret network of commando forces formerly upported by the CIA, the State Department and Interpol, that worked at the behest of South American military dictators during the 1970s and '80s. Condor's operatives used brutal methods - including torture and assassination - to repress leftists, labor organizers and intellectuals. Veterans of this secret war now proudly claim it as the prelude to today's "war on terror."

Reel Bad Arabs: A telling documentary that exposes the history of stereotypes of Arab people and vilification of the Arab World and culture from colonialism to today in popular culture, Hollywood and mainstream media. It examines the role of how foreign policy and current events also play around in creating the "Arab oriental others." Produced and narrated by the renown Media critic and Professor Jack Shaheen. This segment of the documentary looks at reality of Palestinians living under occupation while examining & challenging the stereotype of "all Palestinians are terrorists."

A list of all the UN Resolutions and violations of International Law carried out by Israel since 1967 in occupied Palestinian territories.