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Digging into culture

Culture. The overused term and word that has replaced the names of people and countries to represent the world. What is it? Does it represent everyone or just a few? What is cultural imperialism? What is exceptionalism ie American exceptionalism? How does it manage in this world where American Empire's cultural imperialism is being challenged by China, Brazil and others? Pitcher looks at all these questions below.

Everyday culture other than the POP

How to succeed at summer jobs: Look White and Christian, subtle discrimination faced by working youths of color at well known clothing departments

Tom Ford: Americans are fat, Chinese are slim and you're racist

Rapper Bow Wow writers heart warming letter to his fans about his daughter

UN Women Is Creating a New Energy

Israel's Vandalism of Palestinian hertiage

Protesters' Song: Occuppy Wall Street and the forgotten 99%

Occupying, Organizing and the movements that demand both

Occupy Where? What's in it for Black and Brown People?

Occupy Harlem Campaign Launched

Occupy Wall Street Movement: FAQ and QYSABA

Occupy These...Slavery and Abuse by Metaphor

Occupy the Ghetto

Freedom Rider: Shaking the System

Forget Diversity, its about occupying "racial" inequity

Making Room for Racial Justice in the People Power exploding around us

How is Occupy Wall Street including folks of color

Harry Bellafonte: "You can't wish away race"

OWS goes Global while focus remains on the poor

Blondes vs the World: Society's Obsession with blond hair and how it effects everyone

American Exceptionalism and Americans abroad

Only in America: wrongheaded belief only Obama could happened here
Slate Magazine challenges the old American Expectionalist belief that only in America can ethnic and cultural diversity thrive and go beyond racism. 2008 election editorial.

American and Israeli Exceptionalism

Does the U.S. have a unique character, gives us your answer

U.S. Exceptionalism and Study Abroad

An Innocent Abroad: Article on the Amanda Knox case

Amanda Knox/Meredith Kercher Study Abroad Case: A Murder in Italy and impact of study abroad

American Diplomats aren't stupid after all

Americans afraid of International Travel

Are Americans afraid of Overseas Travel? Maybe yes, maybe no

Americans still Traveling Abroad, despite economic woes

The myth of Passportless Americans

Why More Americans don't travel

Assimilation American Style

Why Americans don't travel overseas

Musicians of color and Art

Films for the Classroom: Silence of the Palaces

Does Cross Cultural interests necessarily indict respect for diversity

Blending R&B with non Western musical traditions

Influence of reggae on World music

Meeting of Rap and Non Western music

Collaborations between Japanese and Western artists of color

Asian transnational cross cultural exchanges in Asian movies

When did we start chanting, "USA, USA"

Where is Our Culture's Racial Conscious in comic books?

Generational Gap

Teh Gray and The Brown: The Generational Mismatch

Is anti white bias a problem? When prejudice is so malleable

Rising attacks on Black Women since the presence of First Lady Michelle Obama

Travellers of colors abroad and at home

Who said People of Color don't travel?

Western Asian perceptions of Eastern Asians

Eastern Asians and Southeast Asians prejudices against Southern Asians

Blondes are Annoying and Boring

States' immigration efforts fizzle

Sexuality, Feminity and masculinity

Tenn. Senate oks ban on homosexuality

Memoirs of an Algerian transsexual

Eight Openly Queer rappers Worth Your headphones

Janet Mock tells her story: "I was born a Boy"

What Defines Asian American masculinity